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Fractured Cliché #1

I’m starting out this part of my Flogitter* by sharing “itter bits” from one of my favorite collections, more specifically my collection of “fractured” clichés.

(*As a reminder, my Flogitter is a combination of Facebook, Blog and Twitter.)

I am notorious for misquoting clichés. I have done this so often, that I started collecting them. So far, I have more than 50.  Not all are mine; I’ve included mistakes from other people, too. By my count though, I hold the record for the most contributions (although that could be due to sampling error).

During the “itter” weeks, I’m going to share these with you. When I run out, I will dip into my next collection – I can’t wait!

Fractured Cliché: Mother is the necessity of invention

Correct Cliché: Necessity is the mother of invention

(Isn’t this fun!)

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Next time I will be talking about the “real” reason birds fall from the sky in my Facebook series “About Face”.


Comments on: "Fractured Cliché #1" (1)

  1. Pam-
    This is hysterical! I love what you have created and can’t wait to read next week… Keep ’em comin’

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