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Signs. Life is full them. Some are easy to interpret and some not so much. The easy ones are those you see on the road – like Stop and No U-Turn and don’t require much thought. This post is about signs whose messages aren’t so clear.

Chicago has a lot of tall buildings. In the winter, the buildings collect ice that can fall from great heights onto unsuspecting pedestrians below.

It is common to hear reports every year about people who were injured because they were hit by falling ice. It can be so dangerous that sometimes sidewalks are closed to pedestrian traffic as a safety precaution.

Knowing all this, one would assume that signs about the falling ice would be helpful and direct. Not so.

I was walking in Chicago during the “falling ice” season and in the course of two blocks, I encountered three signs all stating “Caution: Falling Ice”. My first thought was “what am I supposed to do with this information?”

There wasn’t any tape on the sidewalk telling me to stay within the lines. There weren’t any chalk outlines showing where falling ice would land or where others had been injured. I didn’t look but I don’t think they included a disclaimer saying something like “Ha! We told you. Now you can’t sue us if you get hit.” So, what value did those signs provide? Nothing that I could see.

If signs are too vague they don’t help us at all. When it comes to something important (like surviving falling ice), I would like the message to be clear.

As I close this post I would like to tell you about a “sign” I received about my Write Choice. There is a great website where you can sign up to receive free notes from The Universe (you read that right). Here’s my favorite message so far.

“Resist the temptation, Pam, to base today’s decisions upon today’s facts and circumstances, which are little more than what remains of yesterday’s decisions.

Instead, base them upon the facts and circumstances as they will inevitably be once your dreams have already come true, once you’re already deep in friends, laughter, health and harmony, and once having your own book “ain’t no big ‘thang,’ honey.”

Ready? Go…
    The Universe

I may not have known what to do with the signs of falling ice, but this message is one I can understand.

Have an ICE day.

Your IFF,


Are you receptive to the signs the Universe is sending you?  What are you hearing and what are you doing about it?


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  1. I like your blog a lot. There was a sign that I should marry you. Your foot was spelling something in Geometry class
    ” marry me” or so I thought and DID…….Stephen

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