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Proof of Life?

“Aliens exist and we have proof.” This is how the first article started.

And the next day, the second article started like this:

“Top NASA scientists said there was no scientific evidence to support a colleague’s claim that fossils of alien microbes born in outer space had been found in meteorites on Earth.”

What a difference!  I have heard that when someone’s lying they overcompensate.  If that’s true, I am inclined to believe the first article.

So let’s start with the first article. It quoted Dr. Richard Hoover, a NASA scientist. Dr. Hoover who has studied meteorites for more than 10 years, found fossils of bacteria in a meteorite that he claims are extraterrestrial. His findings were published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Cosmology. Some of the fossils (pictured below) are described as strikingly similar to those found on earth whereas others are completely unique.

Alien Meteorite Cooties

After this story was made public, NASA came out with their official position that the microbes are of earthly origin and are the result of contamination due to people handling the meteorite on which the bacteria were found. They also stated that Mr. Hoover lacked qualifications in analyzing meteorites and that NASA couldn’t stand behind a scientific claim unless it had been peer-reviewed (such as by the Journal of Cosmology).

Since NASA is basically contradicting itself, conspiracy theorists might find some holes here.

Personally, I think the story might have had more credibility if it had been published in the Journal of Cosmetology. That picture looks like I imagine skin must look under a microscope when too much make-up has been applied. Think about how extraterrestrial some people look when they wear too much make-up and it’s even worse if they have had too much plastic surgery.

Before we leave this story, it’s important to note that included in the report in which NASA debunks Dr./Mr. Hoover, are claims that they found a new form of bacteria that could be evidence of life from another planet in the depths of a lake in California.  This is one story a number of people will probably believe as some Californians have long been suspected of being extraterrestrial.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF and Psy-Ficologist,


Next week I present more evidence of life on other planets when I talk about my alien implant.

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