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CRUD Happens

It’s common knowledge that many people have been impacted by the economy through job loss and underemployment.  Recent opinions suggest that the tide may be turning and the unemployment rate may be going down.

True or not, there is a disturbing trend seen by some employers in their unwillingness to hire people who are unemployed.  Or to take away the double negatives, they only want to hire people who are working.

In response to this position, I put together a video based on a true story.  The names and facts have been changed to protect the people involved (both innocent and guilty).

Please review the following definition of terms to help you understand the reporter’s story.

CRUD (Chronic Repetitive Unemployment Disorder)

Definition: someone who is unemployed; the cure for CRUD is CRED

Used in a sentence: I have CRUD.

CRED (Continuous Reliable Employment Disposition)

Definition: someone who is working; more extreme cases include employed individuals who have never been without a job; CREDs can become CRUDs

Used in a sentence: I have CRED.

BOBBottom Of the Barrel

Definition: someone who is a poor performer at work

Used in a sentence: Man, that Bob is a BOB.

CROCCream Of the Crop

Definition: someone who is an outstanding performer at work

Used in a sentence: I am a CROC.

Enjoy the film and let me know what you think by leaving a comment!


Comments on: "CRUD Happens" (6)

  1. Diane Gist said:

    I enjoyed your article and the visual effects! Great job.

  2. Darci Moore said:

    Excellent, Pam! Thanks

  3. Very cool and very funny. That hit home and I am glad that someone finally had the guts to really report the unglossed story.
    Thanks Pam for doing us all a favor.

  4. Pam,
    I couldn’t agree more… the story speaks to a hidden truth & told with humor. It’s amazing how many – ahem – Richards – are out there who have really strained long-standing friendships by their lack of empathy and understanding of how a CROC can become a CRUD and the challenges encountered in getting back in the game…when all the rules have changed.


  5. Denise said:


    Thank you for adding humor to a topic that is near and dear to all of the CRUD’s in this society. When I was a CRED I shared the same views as “Dick” and now that I am a CRUD realize that was a very narrow-minded view point; a mistake I will not repeat.

    Good job on the video!

  6. Stephen Hansen said:

    Congratulations on the fun blog. You just keep on getting better and more clever.

    Love, Stephen

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