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By now you have probably heard that the world didn’t end, at least not yet. California preacher Harold Camping had announced that the world would be destroyed on Saturday, May 21st, basing his prophesy on “precise” mathematical calculations. When Saturday came and went without incident, he admitted his error and revised the date to October 21, 2011. His credibility might be somewhat in question since this isn’t the first time Reverend Camping has been wrong, originally predicting the apocalypse would occur in 1994.

Although this was a colossal debacle (hey, that rhymes!), I have to admire Rev. Camping for boldly declaring his beliefs.  He said with certainty the events that were to occur and the date on which they would come to pass in spite of prior mistakes and the Bible’s declaration that no one knows the date or time. His confidence was so great that many of his followers relinquished their personal possessions because they expected to be taken to heaven on May 21st.

Kind of like Star Trek, the lesson I see here is to boldly go where no one has gone before or more simply put, to move forward with something you believe in regardless of the forces that may be at play.

With that theme in mind, I am pleased to report that I have tested the waters by sending query letters to a few literary agents. I’m not totally like Rev. Camping because I am going to take a more guarded (and less public) approach. Another friend has offered to read my manuscript and I may hire an editor before putting myself out there again.

Once I do go back to submitting my work, I don’t think rejections will stop me from moving forward. I’ve read that the authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul received 123 rejections before their first book found a home and the author of The Help received 60 rejections. Her book is coming out as a movie. Even Rev. Camping isn’t giving up, having declared his next apocalyptic prediction in spite of prior public gross miscalculations.

I am practical though. To augment my income while pursuing a career as a successful author, I have come up with a new entrepreneurial enterprise that I think could prove to be quite profitable. I have decided to offer to care for the personal belongings (for a reasonable fee) of those who plan to leave this earth during the rapture on October 21st. In order to secure a spot in this limited-time offer, a non-refundable deposit will be required no later than October 20th. Hurry before it’s too late!

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,



Comments on: "What If The Rapture Happened And No One Came?" (2)

  1. Contrary to popular belief I think the Reverend was right — the world really did come to end. But everything was already so screwed up that nobody noticed.

  2. Pam,

    I hope it takes fewer than 123 agents to find the right home for your book, but congratulations on taking that step!


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