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Pie In The Sky

If you’re looking for something different to do on vacation this summer, check out the festival dedicated to cow manure in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin on September 2 and 3. Two of the main attractions are the Cow Chip Throw for adults and the Chip Chuckin’ for kids, a sport popularized in Beaver, Oklahoma over 40 years ago. Both competitions promise a good time throwing cow pies (and of course by pie I don’t mean pie).

The best things in life aren’t always free however. You have to pay $3 for adults and $1 for kids to get your hands on some throw-worthy cow manure.  As I was doing my research I didn’t see any BYOM signs (Bring Your Own Manure) so you must have to buy theirs. Seems like a fair price for good sh*t though. I wonder if the street value would be higher in Chicago.

Personally, I think this is very positive for cows. They’ve gotten a bad rap the past few years, especially since their burps have been cited as a major contributing factor in global warming. In spite of this, they provide a valuable service through their manure from recreational activities such as the Wisconsin festival to sustaining life as we know it.

Join me in paying homage to the cow by checking out my picks for the top five most interesting facts you probably didn’t know about cow manure.

Top Five Most Interesting Manure-isms

5. Mixed with mud and water, cow manure can be used as a floor in mud houses. It reportedly not only improves the water absorption of mud, but it also prevents muddy puddles resulting from spilled water.

4. Described as one of Earth’s greenest sources of electricity, cow manure has been used as fuel for cooking and heating homes. To work properly, the manure should be processed through a manure-to-energy generator. You know what this means, right? An added benefit of more jobs!!

3. When purified, cow manure has natural antiseptic qualities. Some believe that it also helps to relieve heat rash. I have never tried it myself.

2. Smoldering cow manure has been known to repel mosquitoes. It does not however repel dung beetles.

1. At one time cow manure was a very popular souvenir in North Dakota.

North Dakota Turd Bird

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


What is your favorite manure-ism?


Comments on: "Pie In The Sky" (3)

  1. […] no surprise that excrement can be a source of entertainment. Last year, I reported on a cow pie throwing contest (it’s not really pie) and showed a picture of a Turd Bird souvenir. People actually pay for these […]

  2. how are we the only two people on the planet that know about the North Dakota Turd Bird? lol Thank you for letting the world know. haha .. I got one as a gift in the early 80’s!

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