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The Sinkularity Effect

Thank you for reading The Write Choice. This week I’m taking a slight departure from my normal posts by telling you a little bit more about myself. I’ve also got a special surprise for you at the end.

In the last About Face, Hole-istic Approach, I exposed the rising prevalence of sinkholes across our planet and proposed a business venture in response. This week, I provide an alternative explanation that you could say is out of this world.

Before I show you the “evidence”, I thought you might be interested in a glimpse into what life is like as a writer.  My days in no way resemble my life when I was working in Human Resources.  I still use my brain of course, but am now exercising my “write” brain more than my left.

Obviously I’m still writing this Flogitter. The three types of stories (Blog Story (BS), How Tweet It Is, & About Face) require slightly different thinking and ways of writing, which has been good for me. I never expected to incorporate pictures into every post, it just kind of happened. I hope it’s something you enjoy.

I’m also still writing HR articles for ( Because they are business oriented, it requires me to dig into the intellectual portion of my brain (which I am glad to say is still there). An unexpected challenge is the task of finding a local angle for my articles. I try every time, but am not always successful.

Although I haven’t mentioned it in a while, I’m still working on my book.  After receiving excellent feedback from another aspiring author (thanks Todd!), I’m creating and adding new stories.  I’m excited about the turn the book is taking and will provide excerpts here when the time is right.

Something I didn’t anticipate writing were movies through This has tested my wit and ability to present material succinctly.  My fifth and latest film is another contest entry – this time the Trekkie SciFi contest. I couldn’t resist incorporating the Mayan’s end of the world prediction and coupling it with the last About Face on sinkholes. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. (Note: links to all of my xtranormal videos can be found on the “About Me” page (button on the upper right). I continue to add videos as I make them.)

Scene from "The Sinkularity Effect". These are the voyeurs of the Starship Enterprise.

Thanks for following The Write Choice. Knowing that you take a few minutes to read my words every week means the world to me. I feel like Read Writing Hood. Please let me know if there’s anything you want to see.  After all, I write for you.

May the farce be with you.

Your IFF and Psy-ficologist,


To view the video, click on the link below. (Sorry I couldn’t insert it directly into the post)

The Sinkularity Effect


Comments on: "The Sinkularity Effect" (4)

  1. Do not send any sinkholes to Brazil!!!!!!
    Great movie, Pam!

  2. I bought a universal remote control a while back and returned it when I found out I really couldn’t control the universe. I guess the same holds for sinkholes – can’t control those either. (Of course BLSHT can scan for and plug them!) Also, thanks for the compliment about the movie and thanks for reading!

  3. Stephen Hansen said:

    You are really out there now with even an international presence.
    Good job and keep writing WELL.

  4. Thanks, Stephen!

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