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This past week was very eventful in my household. It started out great with visiting houseguests. They returned home Tuesday and then on Wednesday things went south.

Here’s what happened.

Right before bedtime, Stephen opened the door to let the dogs out and Mia got sprayed by a skunk. Dewey, who had been sprayed four times this summer, cautiously walked onto the grass being sure to avoid any smelly wildlife. Mia, who had NOT been sprayed before, saw the small black and white creature and ran straight for it.

As Mia was barreling toward disaster, Stephen frantically called her name (which she promptly ignored).  When he shouted “skunk” I started preparing the utility sink to bathe her. Before we could stop her, Mia ran into the house and started rubbing on the rug in the family room.

Seeing calamity strike l left my post at the sink, grabbed Mia, yelled for Stephen to check Dewey and bring me the odor removing supplies (peroxide, baking soda and dish soap). After 30-40 minutes, Mia was finally clean. However, I smelled like skunk as did our family room – and still does (not me, the family room).

Now days later as I write this post, our furnace is on and windows are open in an attempt to dissipate the smell as quickly as possible. (It’s below 60 degrees outside and my petropolitan home is filled with little birds and nearly hairless dogs that are all sensitive to the cold.)

Being the optimist that I am, the bright side is that this happened after our houseguests left.

Deftly transitioning to an unrelated topic, I pay homage to International Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19) by recapping the experience using pirate speak. (They must have skunks on pirate ships, right?)

“Avast, me hearties, there was a bilge rat in the back yard and now me house has a stench like a bung hole. I need to find me some grog and dance to a hornpipe to forget about the whole mess.”

Have fun this week. Keep dogs away from skunks and talk like a pirate.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


No - I didn't say parrot. I said talk like a pirate!


Comments on: "Avast Ye Mateys – Smelly Dog!" (6)

  1. Because I was one of the house guests, I am glad that Mia waited until we left, too! We talked about Dewey having been sprayed and what a mess that was. I think Mia topped that!!! Sorry you have had such a time with skunks! Dale said that you will have to have the carpets professionally cleaned, but, I think it might be time to think about the new carpet in that room.

    Amy looks adorable!

  2. Do Parrots smell skunks!!!??? Poor bird living in your house!!!!
    What a mess you had. I bet your guests were so happy they had left!!!

  3. I enjoyed reading through your blog and found this skunk post. To keep skunks away after some events here my next door neighbour leaves a country and western channel playing on low on her outside radio (in a little protected porch are on her deck)…she leaves it on during Fall, winter and early spring when they are out mostly….it works on racoons too!

  4. Thanks for the tip and for reading my blog! I wonder if any of the county and western music songs your neighbor played included a song from the 1980’s by Loudon Wainwright called “Dead Skunk”. I might have to try it!

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