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Fractured Cliché #14

Fractured Cliché:  Let sleeping horses lie

Correct Cliché:  Let sleeping dogs lie

I have no idea why I would say this particular fractured cliché. I don’t have a horse, nor have I spent much time around them. They usually don’t even lie down when they sleep, they normally stand.

On top of that, I live with two dogs and always, always let them sleep (unless circumstances dictate they be disturbed). And unlike a horse, they always, always lie when they sleep. (You can’t trust a word they say when they’re sleeping.)

I will admit that I’ve only made this mistake once, but there’s another sleep-related cliché mistake I’ve made on several occasions. Here it is:

Fractured Cliché:  He’s eating with the fishes

Correct Cliché:   He’s sleeping with the fishes

Being from Chicago, you would think I would have gotten this one right.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Look closely to see the outline of a lying, sleeping dog

Here's what happens when you disturb her. She looks disturbed, doesn't she?


Comments on: "Fractured Cliché #14" (5)

  1. What a great subject to play with. I’ve never even thought of fractured and correct cliches like this. Now that I think about it, I’m sure I have abused cliches.

  2. I’ve fractured cliches for years and the reactions I got were so funny, I started writing them down. If you remember any that you said, please send them and I’ll include them in the blog. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

  3. Looks so comfortable!!! and beautiful! great pictures!!!!

  4. Love the pictures!!!!!!!
    I am sure they will they will get many feeling very relaxed!!!
    How peaceful!

  5. really funny concept! Oh, yeah, do let sleeping horses lie…If they are down, there’s a real good possibility they are dead (and bloated with smelly gas / nasty critters)…so fractured or not, it’s reasonable advice. (that’s why horse owners will rig slings or prop sick horses up with bales of hay all around them – their systems just don’t work well if they lie down for long periods…no lie!) enjoyed touring your blog

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