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Black Friday

Sales were up 7% on Black Friday. Rather than fighting the crowds I checked for online deals and found some very bizarre items including a Haunted Voodoo Love Spell Ring, Poop Fossil Jewelry and a Parasite Wood Carving (those parasites are amazingly talented). I didn’t buy any of these things.

On my Black Friday we had a houseguest named Vlad, increasing the number of dogs in our home by 50%. Vlad, a 2 year old 13 lb. Italian Greyhound (IG) who is currently up for adoption, needed a babysitter over the holiday and we volunteered.

Here’s a picture of one of his favorite things – jumping on his person’s back. (I almost posted a picture of Vladimir poopin’ but thought that might be disrespectful to a certain world leader.)

Baby got back

Vlad is happy, confident, smart, energetic, sweet and deaf.  In preparation for his arrival, I researched living and communicating with a deaf dog. We used hand signals (there’s a standard canine sign language) and a flashlight to call him from the back yard at night. He’s fine as long as he can see you.

IGs are called velcro dogs because when they’re not running or playing they want to be next to you. We were concerned that with only two laps and three dogs, one wouldn’t have anybody to stick to. We quickly found out that the number of laps was irrelevant because each evening all three dogs sat next to me.

Feeding time required supervision with so many mouths to feed. Vlad was easily distracted showing signs of CADD (Canine Attention Deficit Disorder) and sometimes needed a little coaxing to finish his meal.

It was fun having him visit but even with Vlad as a distraction, I can’t get my mind off of the weird gifts I found online. Do you know anyone who could use a Kangaroo Scrotum keyring?

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about Vlad and other Italian Greyhounds available for adoption in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana go to For information about Italian Greyhounds or adoptees in other parts of the United States go to


Comments on: "Black Friday" (3)

  1. How nice you still got to shop…… on line…. and you did not buy anything ! I think you were too busy enjoying your guest doggie……………..he looks so big and beautiful! All three dogs got along fine? Sounds like you are a doggie magnet….. no one wanted to give up their Pam!
    Good information on working with a deaf dog and also all there adoption services….!!!!
    Thank you ….. your ideas and writing is great to keep geting. !

  2. What a sweet dog. Hope he finds a permanent lap. It is the season of hope. Thanks for welcoming him – it’s bound to be confusing for him.

  3. We had a great time and he was very confident in our unfamiliar surroundings. Being deaf doesn’t slow him down. I hope he gets adopted soon, too.

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