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I like the musical artist Sean Paul. It started when I saw his videos – he had great dancers and his rhythm and style were unique. I sang and danced right along even though I didn’t understand a word he said.

When I found his lyrics, I couldn’t sing them so I decided to do a dramatic reading. I did this in front of my friends and by the time I was finished I was laughing so hard tears were running down my cheeks. My friends were laughing too, not because my performance was funny but because I thought it was.

I never imagined I would meet anyone who could perform like Sean Paul. Certainly not someone in the body of a young white woman who was born and raised in the Midwest. But I did – she’s Shelly, my Jazzercise instructor.

One of the routines we’ve been doing in class is Three Little Birds by Ziggy Marley and Sean Paul. One day when we were exercising to the routine, Shelly performed Sean Paul’s first chorus without missing a beat. Think it’s easy? Take a look at the lyrics:

Bless up dont stress up an nuh matta worry yuh brain

Listen di lyrics a weh di message contain

High pon know mi guy yuh know Jah never gwaan rain

So why bodda complain, aiyyo

Life is a road so deh yuh fi choose di right lane

Some people focus dem energy for mere pain

Neva acknowledge all a di blessing dem gain, dats why wi keep on sayin

Yo dont worry, wi haffi live life true yeah

Wi know life is such a heavy load, yo yo

So weh wi tellin dem again

In addition to teaching Jazzercise, Shelly is also an M.D. – a psychiatrist to be exact. (How’s that for holistic medicine? She shrinks the body and the mind!) She’s also the mother of three young children.

I was completely impressed with her and I wondered how she does it. So I asked.

How did she ever learn to perform Sean Paul so flawlessly?  Here’s what she said.

“Every man fi reach a height an come fi know dem owna rights. A respect one anodda and a heed Jah Jah sight.” (Did she say Jazzercise?)

I still sing and dance (i.e., Jazzercise) to Sean Paul and I still don’t understand a word he (or Shelly) says.

Mi da farce be wi ya!

Your IFF,


I don't think you're ready for this Shelly


Comments on: "Listen di lyrics a weh di message contain" (3)

  1. Mark Turner said:

    I loved it! I expect you to sing to me next June.

  2. I’ll do a dramatic reading instead. Pick your song ahead of time so I can practice before you get here.

  3. […] had a thut my entire life. However, I’ve been doing Jazzercise for several years and my instructor constantly reminds us that we only make one kind of cake in her class…. […]

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