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I’ve always been fascinated by crop circles. You know, those perfect geometric patterns that magically appear overnight in crops around the world. There’s been a lot of speculation about what causes them but no one has really known until now. Physics World said they could be caused by Earth-bound microwaves, lasers, and GPSs. Cool – now we know. They’re not created by aliens, UFOs or wallabies after all.  And they’re not hoaxes – they’re real!

I was so excited when I found this out but then confused again when I realized that none of these high tech devices existed when crop circles were first reported back in the 1600s. My confusion was short-lived when I read about the discovery of original Doctor Who episodes traveling through time and space (ironically just like Doctor Who).

Scientists at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico recently detected 50 year old lost original Doctor Who broadcasts. Apparently the signals traveled into space until they hit a bounce anomaly at which point they traveled back in time returning to earth. BBC is diligently working to recover the signals and even plans to televise highlights.

This must be what happened to the microwaves, lasers and GPSs, only opposite. The signals created in present day traveled through space until they hit the bounce anomaly. Then they rebounded to earth only back in time instead of forward creating crop circles.

The logic clearly makes sense and I challenge any of you to come up with a better explanation.

May the farce be with you.

Your IFF and Psy-ficologist,


Here's another idea. Maybe crop circles are created by remote controlled toys.


Comments on: "Crop-tastic" (2)

  1. Brilliant! I think you’ve solved another mystery.

  2. Who knew the answer was so obvious!

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