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Sleeping With Dogs

When we adopted our first Italian Greyhound, Stephen was determined that the dog wouldn’t sleep with us so for 2 months we listened to Tony howl himself to sleep and us awake. Everything changed when we had house guests. “Just during the visit” Tony was allowed to sleep with us. I’ll never forget that first night – absolute quiet accompanied by a good night’s sleep. From that point forward, Tony began sleeping in our bed.

One would think that a bed big enough for two adults could certainly accommodate an additional 12 pounds. There was plenty of room when Tony was cold because he would curl himself into a tiny ball or plaster his body next to one of us. However, once he got comfortable and started to warm up, he spread out. This was no problem as long as he slept in the normal direction but Tony wanted to touch us both so he slept sideways, in the middle of the bed. This two foot tall dog quickly became nearly 50 inches long.  To put it in perspective, a queen size bed is only 60 inches wide, leaving about 5 inches each for Stephen and me. Tony’s behavior was typical of every Italian Greyhound who’s ever owned us.

Letting Tony in our bed started out as a means to get a good night’s sleep. Over time, this brilliant plan has evolved into not such a good night’s sleep because there’s no room. It is quiet though.

Our situation is not unique and was best summed up by a woman living with two Italian Greyhounds. Her grandson was visiting and spent the night at her house. She told me that she couldn’t figure out why she had slept so well until she realized that one of her dogs didn’t sleep in her bed – he spent the night with her grandson. We both laughed and agreed that everything we do tends to be for the dogs.

Whether or not you have a dog, I hope you get a good night’s sleep.

May the farce be with you.

Your IFF,



Comments on: "Sleeping With Dogs" (2)

  1. Love, love, the sleep and dog stories !!!!!!!!!!!
    Good sleeping…………happy living !!!

  2. Oh, Greyhounds are so sweet – and they need to stay warm and deserve to sleep off the floor ( ask them…that sweet earnest face…). No the German is not on the bed….but RC claims a corner. Funny post

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