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Ring Around The Nosey

Today is April Fool’s Day. I’ve always been a prankster but I don’t limit my tricks to one day a year. Here are three of my favorites.

Prank #3: Tassles

My mom collects unusual art from around the world. One piece is a picture of four nearly naked female musicians. Years ago I took gold ribbon and made tassles for added flair. My mom still hasn’t discovered the prank but everytime my sister and I are together, we stand in front of the picture and laugh. It’s kind of become a secret tradition.

Prank #2: Iditarod

One year I put together a Christmas letter and included a blurb about our 12-pound, nearly hairless Italian Greyhound, Tony, winning the Iditarod. When my father-in-law read it, he ran screaming to my mother-in-law with the unbelievable news. The way the story goes, she looked at him like he had two heads, asked to see what he was reading, and explained that it was a joke. It was especially funny since the joke turned out to be on him.

Prank #1: Nose Rings

My favorite prank was the time I visited my parents wearing a fake nose ring. My mom looked at it, grabbed my chin and turned my head, and asked me if it hurt. She assumed it was real and tried not to freak out. The next day I switched it to the other side and she didn’t notice. That same afternoon, I switched it several times until she finally recognized that it was fake. My sister knew what I was up to, so again, we had a good laugh together.

Happy April Fool’s Day and may the farce be with you!

Your IFF,



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  1. Your dog winning the Iditarod was priceless

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