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Down To Earth

I’m doing my part for Earth Day. Last week, I put mulch in my yard. Our local Park District placed a pile of free mulch at the end of our street and industrious users simply had to supply their own muscles and receptacle.

Stephen and I got creative – we took our huge wheeled recycle bin, filled it with wet mulch and rolled it home. We used our recycle bin because this was the ultimate in recycling (and we didn’t have another container). I never realized how heavy mulch is until I walked uphill pulling 40 gallons of it. (When I’m older it will have been four miles, barefoot, in the snow, in below zero temperatures wearing only a light sweater.)

We had planned to place mulch around the trees and bushes in our entire backyard but quit half-way through after the second load. It was an excellent reminder why I hate this type of yard work.

A few days later, a supply was still available and I could move my arms again so we finished our task.

It was nice of the Park District to provide this service because mulch can be expensive. When I saw its composition, I understood why they were giving it away.

Normally mulch is comprised of wood chips sometimes including mature compost called humus. However, this mulch was made of wood chips and mashed chickpeas or hummus. I almost brought out some vegetables to dip but frankly, it didn’t look that appetizing.

Earth Day is on April 22. Celebrate by doing something nice for the planet.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Special Culinary Mulch With Hummus


Comments on: "Down To Earth" (2)

  1. The Earth thanks you! All your backyard visitors Thank You! Everyone and everything, Thank You. ! Even your strong body thanks you for the exercise!!!! It sounded like it was a little extreme!!!! But did it !

  2. Wooden it be nice to chip in and have it all done by elves?…or by brownies….no not brownies for mulch ( too much sugar) not the girl scouts either, brownie elves…see working out in the sun makes you delirious (not delicious) – but one mulch day and it’s done! Plants will be so grateful.

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