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The Tao of Poo

Have you ever noticed the juvenile bathroom references that seem to pop up in the most unexpected places? It first hit home for me when I was in graduate school and someone commented that after earning a B.S., an M.S. is more of the same and a Ph.D. is piled higher and deeper.

It’s no surprise that excrement can be a source of entertainment. Last year, I reported on a cow pie throwing contest (it’s not really pie) and showed a picture of a Turd Bird souvenir. People actually pay for these things!

When the Segway was introduced, they called it the Segway Human Transporter (SHT). I was excited by this new development and hoped to one day have my own SHT. It was so small, I could park my SHT anywhere but was concerned that someone might steal my SHT. I carried the joke for quite a while and for me it never got old.

Toyota has a division called TRD (Toyota Racing Development). That’s funny by itself, but in their brochure they show a picture of a Scion next to the caption: “TRD I am going to be big”. How does it know and doesn’t anybody screen this stuff?

The latest advancement along these lines is a pooping robot. Ecobots, as they’re called, eat organic matter, digest it and then eliminate the waste. They have great potential for recycling, sanitation and energy.

I love new technology and can’t wait until I have my own Ecobot. I’d like one that looks like SHT and is advanced enough to be in TRD. The only downside – with dogs who have to go out on a regular basis, I’m not looking forward to walking it.

May the farce be with you.

Your IFF,


Ecobot quickly learns to mimic the dogs knowing he’ll get his treat in the end


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