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Fractured Cliché #24

Correct Cliché: It’s as easy as taking candy from a baby

Fractured Cliché: It’s as easy as giving candy to a baby

There’s a reason it’s easy to take candy from a baby. They can’t fight back because they’re little and since they don’t talk, they can’t tell anyone.

Babies probably shouldn’t have candy anyway so most people won’t object if you take it from them. However, something you should NOT do is take chickens from little kids.

Ask Harvey Aragon, the man from Albuquerque who ran afowl of the law when he stole chickens from a Montessori school. He’ll confirm what I’m saying.

I don’t know his backstory but I can only imagine that he needed the money, hoping to gain some hen-some profits for his catch. He was probably tired of working for chicken feed and decided to do something about it. When Harvey was arrested I’m sure he wished he hadn’t been so cocky and chickened out on that chicken run.

Although Harvey didn’t make a peep, there was no way around his guilt because he was caught Rhode Island Red-handed with chicken manure on his jeans and three chickens in the backseat of his car. (Thankfully he left the windows down so they weren’t fried.) Harvey made it so easy that when the police arrested him, it was like giving candy to a baby.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


I stole these chicken candies from a baby (Photo from


Comments on: "Fractured Cliché #24" (4)

  1. Mark Turner said:

    Loved this one, Pam.

  2. Thanks, Mark!

  3. Hilarious turn of events! Stylishly done ( and I told people pees came in different colors!)

  4. Thanks for the feedback! I had fun hatching the story.

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