True, embellished and fictional stories for your amusertainment

The format of this post is a little different than normal. Rather than pointing out the fractured clichés you’re going to have to find them yourself, kind of like “Where’s Walden?” (Hint: There are at least two unless you count the first one, then three.)

Additionally, I’m offering other bloggers the opportunity to promote their blog here. Blogger Thoughts From Paris (a person, not the place) made this offer to his readers in support of connecting bloggers and increasing readership. I thought it was such a good idea, I decided to join in the bandwagon and spend it forward by doing the same thing.

Thoughts From Paris deserves a big shout out for this terrific idea and when I say shout out, I mean the Tina Fey impersonating Sarah Palin kind (rather than Sarah Palin herself because Tina’s is so much better).

So do two things. (1) Check out Thoughts From Paris (he’s entertaining) and (2) Promote your blog in the comments section. Tell us what your blog’s about and how to find it. And if you want, add a poem as a thank you. Thoughts From Paris asked for one and you can see mine below. I hope this gives you more traffic – something we all want (except on the road, of course).

My poem:

The Cone of Shame

This plastic prison on my head

You know where they can stick it?

“Protect my stitch” my owner said

So I won’t pull or pick it

When all I really want to do is sniff my butt then lick it

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


The Cone On Is Barbarian

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