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Most people prepare for things. Some plan out every aspect of their lives whereas others simply make sure they have enough toilet paper. A subset of the population, called Preppers, is preparing for doomsday. It doesn’t matter how the world will end – sink holes, asteroids or Zombies – Preppers will be ready.

I wouldn’t call Stephen a Prepper, but he has been primed for disaster. Remember before Y2K when the world was going to end? Stephen was ready. He stockpiled flashlights, food, water and other sundries. I think we still have jugs of water in the basement.

After 9/11 there was talk about the possibility of an airborne biological weapon. For months our bathtub was filled with food, jugs of water, sheets of plastic, duct tape and a microwave. (Note: Microwaves are just as dangerous to bathe with as toasters and hair dryers, so don’t try this at home.) I know you’re probably thinking that we must have been very dirty during that time but we have a separate shower so it was okay.

The latest tool to help prepare for disaster uses a Faraday cage – an enclosure constructed of material that blocks external static and electromagnetic radiation. Let’s say outer space aliens intended to destroy Earth using an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), a Faraday cage would stop any electronic devices under its protection from being destroyed.

One of our friends decided to build his own Faraday cage to protect his phone. He didn’t necessarily think the world was going to end but wanted to be ready just in case.  When we asked who he was going to call in the event the Faraday cage was needed since everyone else’s phone would stop working, he didn’t have a ready answer. Guess he wasn’t as prepared as he thought!

With any luck the world will be destroyed by Zombies who are unlikely to have EMP capabilities.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


I appreciate the security but the Faraday cage makes it hard to work


Comments on: "Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Prepper Too?" (4)

  1. Kenn Hansen said:

    I see the sun is shining out in the yard in the picture…. does that mean that after sunset it becomes a FaraNight cage?

  2. That’s a good one!

  3. Potential just took flight with this one!
    (do we need worry about which side the red handle is on the instrument? Current flows a certain way? Need to know!!!!!)

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