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Curiosity Killed The CAT

Curiosity’s landing on Mars was thrilling last week. Having such a sophisticated link to another planet opens up a host of possibilities. One being of course, the potential of finding life.

A popular book already espouses there’s life not only on Mars, but Venus as well –  John Gray’s book: “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. I was excited to read it but sorely disappointed with the content. First of all, don’t make my mistake – the author is Gray and the book is nothing like Fifty Shades of Grey. Second, it’s not about extraterrestrial life. It’s about communication between men and women. How ironic that a book about communication has such a misleading title.

I wonder if Curiosity was sent to Mars to find life (aka men). It was designed and built primarily by men, perhaps they chose Mars to find the last bastian of man-caves. If this is true, they made a mistake. I think if we have any chance of finding life (and saving Earth at the same time) we should have sent a rover to Venus.

Here’s my reasoning. First, Venus is covered in gas which is clear evidence that men were there once. I think women survived because they can withstand high temperatures. Venus gets up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, about the same as a hot flash. If we were to penetrate the gaseous atmosphere, I’m convinced there would be signs of a long-forgotten civilization.

Venus wasn’t always a hot planet. There was a time when it was able to sustain life but the inhabitants polluted it, which resulted in global warming. We should send a rover to Venus to get clues to global warming on Earth. The vehicle would have to withstand the heat, pressure and gaseous environment so it couldn’t be the same as Curiosity. They might call it CAT (Correlating Atmospheric Terminus).

We may never have the chance to study Venus because all the funding was used on Curiosity. Damn if Curiosity didn’t kill the CAT.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF and Psy-ficologist,


The Goldilocks Planet (Source:


Comments on: "Curiosity Killed The CAT" (6)

  1. Mark Turner said:

    Loved it. I’m still laughing…….

  2. Glad to hear it. As Stephen says: “The one who’s laugh lasts, laughs last.”

  3. Ken Hansen said:

    Lol , love it Science is grand, Curiosity cost millions.


  4. More cool science is on its way. Curiosity is going to start moving with the ability to blast rocks with a laser! Curiously anticipating Curiosity’s findings.

  5. Goldilocks planets! Great observation

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