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Fractured Cliché #29

Fractured Cliché: It’s a pike dream

Correct Cliché: It’s a pipe dream

A pipe dream is an unrealistic fantasy. The term originated from dreams people would have when they smoked opium.  That’s what Stephen had the other day – a pipe dream, not opium. It was all due to a misunderstanding.

We were in the grocery store and I lost Stephen. When I found him, he was urgently digging through bags of M&Ms. His behavior seemed strange so I asked what he was doing. He said he was looking for an all brown bag, that if he found one we would win $100,000.

I started laughing and told him that “all brown” didn’t refer to the color of the bag. The M&Ms inside the bag would all be brown. He stopped, looked at me, and said that made more sense. He reasoned if the bag itself was brown, the grocer would take it out of inventory as soon as it arrived and claim the money for himself. An average customer would never stand a chance.

Yes, Stephen had a pipe dream that day – visions of an easy $100K in the bag, so to speak. Being the realist, I had a pike dream. I saw the peak of the mountain (as in Pike’s Peak) topped with cash and knew it was impossible to reach. I’ll guess I’ll just have to keep eating those M&Ms hoping for best.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Stephen only found blue bags


Comments on: "Fractured Cliché #29" (2)

  1. At least you didn’t end up at home having to clean a pike for dinner. Spear fishermen probably dream of that while juggling the M&M bag with one hand and stabbing with the other.

  2. I can’t cook or juggle and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t stab a fish but I have been known to accidentally stab myself.

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