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No Brainer

Having a brain and stupidity often go together, but there’s certainly no cause-effect. Stupidity can occur whether or not a brain is engaged. The same holds true for intelligence. Sometimes it comes with a brain but not always.

Consider the Australian slime mold that’s been proven to have memory in spite of the fact that it doesn’t have a brain. Researchers at the University of Sydney discovered the slime mold possessed spatial memory when it was able to navigate its path using its own trail of slime. By sensing its slime, it knows where its been. Not only can it recognize its own slime, but it also reacts to trails left by other species. It can also solve mazes. What’s really cool is that the slime mold can anticipate events. Sounds psychic, and all without a brain.

This is in contrast to the Icelandic tour group who lost one of their members. The missing woman supposedly got off the bus during a stop and couldn’t be found. (At least she didn’t leave while the bus was moving.) Armed with a detailed physical description, a group of more than 50 people joined in the search. Eventually the missing woman, who was part of the search party, realized they were looking for her – she was the missing person. She changed her clothes during the bus stop and no one recognized her, including herself. Once she realized the error, she reported herself as found. I wonder if she got a reward.

When I think about these two situations there’s no doubt in my mind who was smarter. It’s a no brainer.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


I’d lose my head and legs if they weren’t attached


Comments on: "No Brainer" (8)

  1. Linda Lewis said:

    Gee, been there done that! Been missing my brain for years!!!!

  2. I like that story about the Icelandic tour group — is it a true story? It sounds like something that could easily happen to me! 🙂

  3. Slime wins – no contest.

  4. Mark Turner said:

    Pam, I’m jealous. I’m so competitive, I always want to be the very best at everything I do. I work hard at being the best, if I’m not. But your writing skills are SO good, I concede. And I REALLY enjoy your blogs. (Okay, not so much the business or pet ones.) No need to comment – just accept my highest compliment!

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