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Do The Mobster Mash

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and one of my favorite Halloween stories comes from a friend who grew up in Chicago.

When she was kid, she’d dress up and go trick or treating. A favorite begging spot was a neighborhood populated predominantly with mobsters. It was an affluent area with huge houses that were exquisitely landscaped. She said the mobsters were extremely generous. They didn’t give away the snack size treats – they gave full size candy bars.

Coming from a small town, it sounded kind of scary to me. Apparently it was one of the safest areas around. The mobsters were family oriented placing safety for the kids as a priority. Burly armed guards were everywhere, many handing out the candy.

Her story is such a contrast to mine. I also went trick or treating. However, none of the kids dressed in costume. By the end of October, we were already wearing our heavy winter coats, hats and mittens trudging through the snow – fingers and candy bars nearly frozen. We still had fun, though.

Obviously I’m too old to trick or treat now but I’m not too old to give candy to beggars who approach my threshold. I enjoy seeing their smiling faces and costumes.

The kids who’ve been to my house in years past always know to look for the fancy little dogs. I suspect Dewey and Mia view dressing up as a trick, but it’s a treat for everyone else.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,





Comments on: "Do The Mobster Mash" (4)

  1. Our Halloweens were/are almost always humid, and hot. Those plastic masks were so sweaty.
    Love those skeletons pups!

  2. The neighborhood kids called our first dog “Bony Tony” and that’s where we got the idea for the skeleton outfit. It’s always a big hit.


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