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Santa’s Secrets Revealed

Do you ever wonder how Santa makes it around the world in one night, or how the reindeer are able to fly, or what’s Santa’s favorite cookie?

The answer to all these questions and more can be found at the Portable North Pole. Visiting this site is sure to turn the most cynical skeptic into a believer.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find.

  • Santa can reach all the good boys and girls in one night because he controls the rotation of the earth and has the ability to stop time.
  • Reindeer are able to fly due to a magic lichen that only grows in the North Pole. The elves who’re responsible for the reindeer make a potion that activates the lichen’s magical properties.
  • Santa eats every treat that’s left out for him but his favorite kind of cookie is chocolate chip.

In addition to learning answers to your most pressing questions, the Portable North Pole also provides the opportunity for you to have Santa send a free personalized video.

You can also purchase other personalized gifts including phone calls from Santa, books, puzzles and letters. A portion of the proceeds goes to charity.

But wait, there’s more.

Would you like to track Santa’s progress on Christmas Eve so you can estimate when he’ll stop by your house? Thanks to Google Earth, you can follow Santa’s trek in real time at Norad Tracks Santa.

I hope these tools help make Christmas more magical in your household. They certainly have in mine.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Waiting for Santa

Waiting for Santa


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  1. in his off time santas dog is a couch potato.

  2. Vivian Herndon said:


  3. Thanks……………I feel better, now that you have helped me understand Santa! I love your picture of you Santa-helper. It looks like his helper is somewhat excited!!! As we all are at Christmas time!

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