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The Future of Driving

Volvo thinks they’re being smart. They recently announced a driverless vehicle that offers a type of valet service without the tip.

Using a phone app, the car will drop you off at the door, find an open parking spot and pick you up when you’re ready to leave.

As innovative as this might sound, Volvo’s still a few steps behind a New Zealand animal shelter. They teach dogs to drive.

Porter, a bearded collie cross (Source:

Porter, the driving dog (Source:

Driving dogs offer endless possibilities. Sure, they could drop you off and pick you up. If temperatures were hot, you’d just want to make sure they left the windows open or the car running while they waited.

Additionally, they could easily run errands – pick up dry cleaning, prescriptions, take-out. With the proven ability to safely operate heavy machinery, they could be taught to vacuum, do laundry, mow the lawn and run the snow blower. Who knows – they might even learn to clean windows.

That’s a lot more than Volvo’s driverless car will ever be able to do.

At our house, we’ve already taught our dogs to do windows but it’s kind of hard to see through the spit. In looking at driving, we’re going to take a conservative approach. We’ll start them with the driverless car and see where it goes from there.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Check out Porter’s amazing driving skills! (Source:

Comments on: "The Future of Driving" (4)

  1. My dog has a drivers license. Really. Subaru started it….we hide the keys from Molly…teenagers, you know

    • I’m totally impressed. Molly’s the first dog I’ve ever heard of with a license. I’m trying to imagine what it’s like to ride with her, especially when she sees a squirrel. It’s probably good you hide the keys. Nevertheless, props to Molly!

  2. What has the world come to? The day I have to explain to a dog the bad day I’m having and that I’m late for class and that is the reason why I rear ended him. And then humiliate myself by begging him to just take the $27 and $5.60 amazon gift I have in my pocket to just forget about the whole thing. Well, I’ll tell you that’ll be the day…

    • Save yourself the humiliation. Carry a ball in your car. When he gets out to check the damage throw the ball. As he goes to fetch it, drive off. (BTW – thanks for your comment – it is hil-ar-i-ous!)

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