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Rip The Plastic Off

We recently decided to get rid of one of our cars. It was 16 years old and had 106,000 miles.

We thought we’d be able to keep it another year or two, but when we were faced with an unexpected expensive repair, we concluded replacement was our best option.

We prepped the car in order to get the best value possible – cleaned it inside and out. We’d always had the floor mats covered with rugs, so when we finally removed them, the mats looked brand new.

I felt proud that we’d taken such good care of our beloved car.

In describing this story to one of my friends, she laughed and said the rugs reminded her of when people would protect their furniture by covering it in plastic. The furniture was preserved, but was uncomfortable to sit on.

She was right. What were we saving those floor mats for? I certainly never got to enjoy them.

That night, we removed the rugs from our other car.

Guess what? The floor mats look brand new. The difference is that I benefit this time.

This seems to be a good analogy for life. Take the plastic off. Throw the rugs away. Take a risk that something might get dirty. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re having fun.

We’ll probably put rugs back during winter but they’re out for now. And it’s a rush!

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Don't put plastic on your eyes either

Things look better without plastic


Comments on: "Rip The Plastic Off" (6)

  1. love the no plastic…. love stephens picture and his new?shirt?
    But I a so sad you did not include a picture of the old car you traded in!!!!!
    That would have been so nice to show………..!!

  2. Your story reminds me of the aunt whose living room furniture was covered with plastic. The most unappealing place I have ever seen.

  3. Linda Lewis said:

    Not a “good” look!

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