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12 Wacky Christmas Ornaments

With Christmas approaching, many readers will be decorating Christmas trees. Following are some unusual ornaments that you probably won’t want to add to your collection.


Cat with Santa’s head – creepy

bird ball

This is called a Chimera. I hope those legs aren’t real.

mouse taxidermy ornament

Really, who puts a taxidermy mouse on their tree?

jersey shore ornaments

Believe it or not – these are Jersey Shore ornaments


A Zombie Mistletoe ornament is not on my must-have list

moose poop ornament

This beauty is made from real moose poop

poop ornament

This crappy ornament speaks for itself

menorrah ornament


S&M Ginger

There actually might be a place for this one – among all those fans of 50 Shades of Grey

evil clown

Hang this if you want to scare the nice into your kids

Pooping reindeer

There seems to be an obsession with poop

Zombie Gingerbread Man - not very appetizing

Zombie Gingerbread Man – not very appetizing

I found these ornaments both amusing and disturbing. Hope you enjoyed the parade.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,



Comments on: "12 Wacky Christmas Ornaments" (6)

  1. From the mind of babes,, they grow up with the internet and this is what happens. lol
    I would never think to make these or hang these. It restores my faith i the absurd.

  2. Where do you find this stuff Pam? Being Jewish we don’t have a Christmas tree, but after seeing the menorah ornament and especially the selection of poop-related items, we are reconsidering. It’s ornaments like these that remind me of the true spirit of the holidays…

    • I’ll admit that when I found the menorah ornament I thought of you. Sadly, you did not come to mind when I found the poop ornaments but the connection is noted for the future.

  3. Some people just have to be different. Wacky for sure

    • Especially the taxidermy mouse. Who would want that hanging from their tree and why? Makes me wonder what might be hiding in their basement.

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