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I hate winter but it’s inevitable, so I’m not going to fight it any longer. This year I’ve decided I’m going to like it.

These are a few of the things I appreciate the most.

1. Looking younger with nonsurgical face peels.

When I’m out in the cold long enough, my face freezes resulting in the eventual loss of the top layer of skin. Some people pay doctors big bucks for a face peel but nature will do the work for free.

2. The opportunity to eat more.

I can burn more calories in the winter. Shoveling snow, skating to the mailbox, and shivering all allow me to eat that much needed comfort food while maintaining a healthy weight.

3. Hiding that extra bulge.

Okay, so if my weight isn’t totally healthy, the bulky clothes will hide that unsightly bulge.

4.  The time change.

I relish the beginning of daylight savings time and one less hour of sleep. It’s invigorating and works to keep my brain healthy.

5.  Calming landscapes.

The beauty of monotonous snow along with cold, cloudy days over and over again calms the soul.

As much as I love winter, I also enjoy summer.

I most look forward to one of the first signs that summer’s just around the corner – when stores start putting up their Christmas displays.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


* Title quote by Robert Byrne

Mia in the summer

Mia staying warm in the summer

Mia in the winter

Mia staying warm in the winter


Comments on: "Winter is Nature’s Way of Saying “Up Yours”*" (4)

  1. The bottom pic makes me want to sleep in under the covers for a whole day.

  2. That sounds just like Mia. We won’t see her head until spring!

  3. Love the attitude. The driveway is always half-shoveled in your rose colored world. I personally LOVE winter. I get 2.5, sometimes even 3, good hair months. Just sayin’

    • You listed an advantage I overlooked. I don’t have to worry about my hair because it never makes an appearance – always hidden under a hat or hood. Yay – winter’s great…

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