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Casa Doo Doo

Sometimes I run across two seemingly unrelated items that simply must be brought together.

There’s an unusual hotel located in Belgium shaped like a human colon, including an anus. It’s appropriately named CasAnus.

Anal Retentive Hotel

Anal Retentive Hotel

The hotel appears to be located in a wasteland, but it’s actually near a lake. The suite features one room but is by no means a dump.  One night costs around $165. That seems like a crappy price for such strange accommodations but I hear you can pay in arrears.

Meanwhile, nearly 6,000 miles away in Hong Kong, there once stood a 51-foot tall inflatable feces sculpture called Complex Pile.

Impressive Feces

Impressive Feces

Formerly on display at the site of a future museum, the piece was eventually flushed by a rainstorm.

I think Complex Pile would be a tremendous asset for CasAnus. Check out my rendering below.

Casanus w poo

Nice Orifice

Definitely an unusual experience, CasAnus might be worth checking out. If you can’t afford to actually go there, remember that I can place you there virtually for a small fee.

If you’re looking for a worthy cause, join me in petitioning to get Complex Pile moved to CasAnus. It’s our doodey to bring them together.

May the farts be with you!

Your IFF,


For more information about CasAnus, check out this video.


Comments on: "Casa Doo Doo" (4)

  1. This is why I never say “well now I’ve seen it all.” Because, clearly, I haven’t. However, now that I have seen this, the image is burned into my brain forever. So yeah, thanks for that.

  2. If a lot of people stay there the owners will be FLUSH with money.

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