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Evil Woman?

German doctor Gerhard Roth believes he’s identified an anomaly in the brains of violent criminals. He found a dark area in the lower forehead he calls the evil patch. Think of it like a soul patch for the brain. People who possess this are 66% more likely to go to the dark side.

In my younger days, I was called an evil woman by a boy I had dated. There was a song by that title that was popular at the time, which could have been the reason for this particular moniker. However, knowing there’s physical evidence for evil, it seemed prudent to check.

Fortunately, I had films from an MRI so I didn’t have to go to the doctor and ask if I was evil. In checking my films, I saw no evidence that I have a tendency toward violent criminal behavior.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I can be mean. It took Stephen years to figure out that when I yelled “Go Asshole!” in the car, I wasn’t talking to him.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Whew! No evidence of the evil patch

Whew! No evidence of the evil patch. (This is my actual brain!)



Comments on: "Evil Woman?" (2)

  1. Hmm, the evil that lurks within. This sounds like excellent fodder for extreme profiling.

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