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Zombie Roach

Zombies are all the rage. Although undead, they’re able to move even though they have almost no will of their own.

Perhaps it’s their popularity that inspired scientists to use technology to improve upon the zombie condition. Not only did they create an artificial zombie, they scored a double-win by improving upon the cockroach, too.

Roaches now work for us.

By embedding a chip in its body, scientists have figured out how to force the roach to do their bidding. To top it off, the chip is fuel efficient. It’s powered by the roach’s own blood.

The goal is to use robo-roaches to work as emergency response personnel. For example, after an earthquake, they would scope out ruins looking for survivors. They could easily fit into places people or dogs couldn’t go to find those who would otherwise be lost.

The thought of a zombie roach is cool and creepy at the same time. There’s only one flaw I see with the project – training people not to crush the little guys.

I hope you never need the services of a zombie roach but if you do, check it’s back before you step on it. It may make a difference between life and death, for you that is.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Digital Zombie Roach

Digital Zombie Roach

(Photo from Yahoo Tech)

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  1. Roaches, they arn’t just for breakfast anymore… eww lol
    What a nice story to have with my eggs and tea lol

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