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Invisible Helmet

Regardless of what they say, I don’t believe that everything on the Internet is true.

For example, I found that the first bicycle helmet was invented in 10,000 BC by Arnold Squartsneger, yet the first bike wasn’t invented until 1817. Arnold must have been prophetic to see the need nearly 12,000 years in advance. How did he know that people might need protection from cracking their heads open? Either that, or someone else was cracked when they supplied the information.

While there’s plenty of bunk in cyberspace, there’s amazing and true information as well.

Although it might sound crazy, there’s now an invisible bicycle helmet.

Two Swedish designers have invented a new way to keep cyclists safe — an invisible helmet called the Hövding. The new helmet is an airbag that fits into a large collar around the rider’s neck.

Invisible Bike Helmet

Invisible Bike Helmet*

It’s described as invisible since it can only be seen when the rider has an accident. If a biker falls off their bicycle, the collar fills with gas causing the airbag to surround the riders head.

The designers wanted to prevent injuries and thought people would be more likely to wear a helmet if it looked fashionable. The catch? The collar costs more than $500 and can only be used once.

I could definitely use one of these but I need coverage for more than just my head.

May the farce be with you!

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  1. I’ll wait until the discount stores snag a few to sell.

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