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Geico Gecko Scandal

News reports that Debi Nubatonis, a 31-year-old Indonesian woman, gave birth to a gecko are true*. She was threatened by an angry lynch mob after delivering her baby because they thought she practiced witchcraft. However, it’s unlikely witchcraft was involved.

Paparazzi report sightings of the Geico Gecko in Indonesia approximately 8 months ago.  More specifically, he was seen with Debi on numerous occasions in spite of attempts to go incognito.

In disguise

In disguise**


The Gecko,  author of “You’re Only Human” and a spokes lizard for Geico Insurance, initially refused to comment but later went on the record to say:

“I did not have sex with that woman. This is definitely not my baby. I’ve asked for a DNA test and plan to appear on the celebrity edition of Maury Povich when the results are revealed. I don’t have anything to hide.”

Reporters reached out to Maxwell the pig, also a representative for Geico, and asked him what he thought of the whole affair. He said

“There’s definitely a danger for animals who take on human roles.  We have a tendency to identify with humans and run the risk of losing our own identity. The Gecko is a perfect example. His book is about being human and now it appears as though he’s established a relationship with a human woman. It’s very sad.”

It looks like we’ll have to wait until Maury Povich airs to learn the truth.

In the mean time, the baby, who’s name is yet to be revealed, has been accused of not even existing. Doctors suspect Debi suffered a false pregnancy and that a lizard may have landed on discharge during the faux birthing which the midwife mistook as a baby.

Doctors claim there has never been a case of cross-species conception or birth. Tell that to the Gecko.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


*It’s true this story was reported on the news. I don’t know if the story itself is true but the blog isn’t.

**Photo from


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  1. Are you this is a joke? I could sworn I sat next to the offspring on the flight to Buffalo last month.

  2. I am glad Maxwell got some air time I liked his ad with the pinwheels.

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