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Man’s Best Friend

A recent study reported that people love their dogs like children.

Researchers showed mothers, who also had a dog,  a variety of images while their brain activity was being monitored. Brain scans revealed that when the moms saw pictures of their dog, their reaction was the same as when they viewed pictures of their child, leading to the conclusion people love their dog as much a child.

Speaking from personal experience, I contend their conclusion is wrong.

Take these examples.

I would never let an 11-year old share my sweatshirt.

Aaaach!!! Alien!!!!

Aaaach!!! Alien!!!!

I wouldn’t let an 11-year old sleep in my bed.

I love waking up next to that face

I love waking up next to that face

I would never have beds in every room for my children.

It's not designed to be a bunk bed

It’s not designed to be a bunk bed

I would never dress like my children and then go out in public.



My dogs don’t talk back to me. They don’t ask for new gym shoes, car keys, or money to go shopping. They don’t go online or mess up my computer. They’re always happy to see me – even as they approach their teenage years.

Now it’s easy to understand why I disagree with the researchers.

Obviously, I love my dogs way more than kids (if I had them).

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,



Comments on: "Man’s Best Friend" (4)

  1. Great Pictures , living large.

  2. pam….. great great great !!!! What a perfect story….and all true….so good…much love !

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