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Thanks to social media, we can stay connected to our friends without ever having to talk to them. Unfortunately, we can’t get away from people entirely. When shopping in stores or eating in restaurants we still have to contend with those pesky clerks and servers.

In this day and age, we shouldn’t have to talk to anyone.

A few businesses feel our pain and are moving in the right direction. Check out this email I got from Domino’s Pizza:

“Order pizza with just the sound of your voice”

I panicked when I first saw this because they made it sound like they wanted me to use my phone to talk to a person. I was relieved to learn that I could simply talk to an app. That is so much better! Nobody wants to talk on their phone, unless of course they’re dictating a text.

Chili’s is also stepping up to the plate. They have tablets at every table (called Ziosks) you can use to place your order and pay your bill. Unfortunately you still have to interact with annoying servers. But maybe not for long.

Lowe’s is introducing automated customer service agents in select stores, which I think could easily be adapted to wait tables. Customers receive help from an automated agent without the need to talk to the living.

Some people may think we’ve taken automation too far. Not me!

As I write this blog, my self-driving car is on it’s way to Domino’s to pick up the pizza I ordered by talking to their app. I’m vacuuming with my Roomba – or should I say it’s vacuuming for me. And I’m dictating a text because my fingers are busy typing this blog.

Multi-tasking has never been easier!

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


He's a handsome fellow but not the greatest conversationalist

He’s a handsome fellow but not the greatest conversationalist



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