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A friend of mine celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary. When her husband was asked the secret to their long, successful relationship he said: “I took her to Hawaii for our honeymoon and 50 years later I decided to go back and pick her up”.

Although he was joking, there may be some truth to this.

A Detroit couple attribute living separately as the secret to the success of their long-term relationship. They don’t live too far apart, though – they’re neighbors.


The couple's neighboring homes (WJBK)

The couple – Albert Bernal, 70, and Betty Lou Shortt, 67 – aren’t married but they say they have been “going together for a good while now” because they get along so well with each other.

Having their own space is important. To make sure there’s no mistake, they’ve labeled their houses appropriately.

Betty Lou and Albert have his and hers signs at their respective houses. (WJBK)

They spend so much time in each other’s homes, they’re considering building a tunnel between the houses. (That makes more sense than moving in together.)

Everybody’s different and I applaud any action that helps a healthy relationship thrive. Whether it’s leaving your spouse in Hawaii or living as neighbors.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


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