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The Value of a Dog

Dogs are an important part of my life. If you ask the Escondido Police Department, they’ll tell you they’re an important part of the force, too. For the first time ever, a dog has been promoted to detective.

It can be ruff for police dogs. They are often retired after five or six years, but not Detective Jena – she’s an 8-year-old German Shepard. Jena doesn’t have to retire early because her job isn’t as rigorous as some of the other canine officers. She’s a narcotics expert.

Detective Jena

Detective Jena

Lucky for Jena, her handler was also promoted to Detective so she gets to keep the same partner.

This is a great testament to K-9 police, but if any one knows the value of a dog, it’s the Pinellas County Sheriff in Largo, Florida.

They purchased a new rug for the entrance to their administration building. It was imprinted with the sheriff’s crest, which included the statement “In Dog We Trust”.


In Dog We Trust

In Dog We Trust

After several months, some eagle eyed watch dog noticed the spelling and the rug was replaced.

In an effort to give the rug a new leash on life, the sheriff’s office auctioned it off with the intent of donating the proceeds to a local rescue.

The tail had a happy ending – the rug ended up with a whopping 83 bids and sold for $9650.

If you paws to think about it, many of us can’t put a number on the value of our dog(s). In Pinellas County, “dog” was worth nearly $10,000 to the Canine Estates animal shelter.

May the farce be with you!

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Picture of Jena from Escondido Police Department – Facebook

Picture of rug from

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  1. That is one way to lick the drug problem.
    Great story, Thanks


  3. I had seen the rug, but didn’t catch the story of what happened next. Coooool!

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