True, embellished and fictional stories for your amusertainment

A few days ago, Stephen and I met some friends for dinner. We arrived about 10 minutes early. Our friends usually show up before us, so we asked the hostess if we could look around before being seated. Seeing no sign of our friends, we got a table and began to wait.

A few minutes after our scheduled meeting time, we started to wonder if our friends got lost. We were meeting at a new restaurant – one that none of us had been to before. I decided to text them.

Me: RU lost?

Them: Where RU?

Me: At the restaurant. Where RU?

Them: At the restaurant.

At that point, we started looking around and burst out laughing we saw each other two tables apart.

That’s how you can tell when a restaurant is too dark.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Stephen found a way to be sure he's seen

Stephen found a way to be sure he’s seen


Comments on: "How To Tell When A Restaurant Is Too Dark" (4)

  1. yes, you are right…… it was too too dark………
    you two need to wear night vision glasses……………………..


  2. and then there was light.

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