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Jury Duty

Last week I was called for Jury Duty. Upon receiving my summons, I thought about justice. We live in a great country where every citizen is afforded the right to a trial by a jury of their peers.

There was a lot of time to contemplate justice on my drive to the courthouse since my commute was two hours. It was good that I wasn’t called to serve closer to home.

When I arrived, I found a seat in a large room. With no wi-fi there was even more time to introspect about our great justice system.

Around 2:00, my number was called. I was ecstatic. Looking at the other 40+ people in my group, I saw my own enthusiasm reflected in their eyes.

Escorted to the courtroom by the Bailiff, we waited in the hallway for 15 minutes. The excitement was palpable.

We were then shuffled into an outer chamber that looked into the courtroom through glass panels with the judge addressing us through a PA system.

The first task was to identify anyone who had difficulty understanding English. This process took an hour to complete after which the majority of us were called to sit inside the courtroom.

Those sitting in the outer chamber couldn’t hear what was going on inside the courtroom, nor were they allowed to talk or read. That was good – more time to reflect.

I was among the group to be invited inside where we each underwent individual questioning for the next 2 hours.

The mood was serious, yet jovial. The jurors held celebrity status in a captive sort of way. Once the spotlight was turned off, we waited another 45 minutes to find out who was selected to serve.

As names were called, people looked like they had won the lottery. I held my breath in anticipation but sadly was not chosen. At the end of a long 12-hour day, I left with my $17.25 and head hung low.

The next morning I thought about the defendant and his trial and breathed a sigh of relief that justice would be served.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


My glorious meditative drive in a sea of brakelights

My glorious meditative drive in a sea of brakelights


Comments on: "Jury Duty" (4)

  1. Very well written, Pam. Really enjoyed it.

  2. Sometimes hard to say who feels like they are on trial. Nicely done.

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