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Brains…More Brains

“Mishaps with preserved brains are not uncommon.”


When I hear about brain mishaps, they’re usually in Washington, D.C. I’m pretty sure those brains aren’t preserved although maybe some should be.

Late last year, the University of Texas experienced a real brain teaser – 100 human brains vanished without a trace. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about missing brain cells on a college campus – they disappear from University students every day – but whole brains?

The missing brains represent only half of the University’s brain collection. Received from a state mental hospital, they were meant to be used for teaching and research.

After intense brainstorming, the University suspected students took the brains and planned to use them for pranks (or perhaps a government think tank).

Sadly, the story has a mundane ending as they discovered the brains had been destroyed in 2002 as part of a normal clean-up. It only took 14 years to notice the brains were missing. Sounds like the curator lost his own brain.

As you might guess, brains don’t always go missing. Sometimes they mysteriously appear (not in Washington, of course).

In New York, nine brains inexplicably appeared on a village street.

Upon picking the brains, it was discovered they were from sheep.

Unlike the Texas story, a student was responsible for the theft.

Going back to the beginning of this post: “Mishaps with preserved brains are not uncommon.”

I’ll agree that 109 brains is a lot. However, two separate incidents does not make mishaps common. Surely that comment came from Washington.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Some people get excited about having more than one brain

Some people get excited about having more than one brain


Comments on: "Brains…More Brains" (4)

  1. This one is a real thinker. But which side of the brain do you use to find 100 missing brains?
    hehe, Glad mine was not one of them. Thanks,

  2. Braniac – the perfect picture to illustrate your post.
    (Oh, the brainless sheep, there wouldn’t be elected officials would they? Possible…)

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