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I had the good fortune to spend a few weeks with my sister, her husband and their cat – Garfield.

This is Garfield

This is Garfield

I’ve never had a cat but Garfy and I became fast friends. He quickly trained me to give him treats, play, and scratch him when he was ready. Garfy didn’t follow me like my dogs, but he convinced me to follow him so it kind of had the same result.

I was relieved when he chose not to sleep with me because I’ve heard horror stories of cats trying smother their owners during the night by lying on their face. I’ve heard other terrifying stories, too – like the cat that attacked its family for no obvious reason. Experts had to come in to help the family deal with the crisis.

It’s usually easy to tell what dogs are thinking. Not so much with cats. I find them oddly mysterious.

What is he thinking?

What is he thinking?

Other than Cujo, dogs are basically benign. Cats, however, have a reputation for being unpredictable and holding their intentions close to the vest.

Because of my dogs, birds, and doggie door, I will likely never live with a cat. After watching the attached video and seeing what they can do, I’m relieved. I worry about my sister and her husband though…

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,



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  1. Excellent Blog (I’m biased!) I loved the cat in tank video.

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