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Separate Checks, Please

My friend Vivian and I spent a week together, eating out for nearly every meal. We always split the bill, asking for separate checks when possible.

At one restaurant, we decided to share a plate. The server asked if we wanted one check or two. At the same time I answered one, Vivian said two.

I reasoned that we could divide the total ourselves since we only ordered one meal.  Nevertheless, Vivian wanted separate checks so that’s what we got.

When the checks came, I pulled out cash for my share. Vivian didn’t have the right change to pay her’s separately, so she took my money and we combined the two into one.

When the server returned, I slowly and deliberately told her how nice it was that she split the bill into two checks, as my friend requested. But sadly, my friend didn’t have the right change, so we combined the checks back into one. I thanked her for taking the extra steps and apologized that it had been unnecessary.

The server laughed at the exchange. Vivian looked at me like I’d lost my mind.

The lesson here is that when someone agrees to be my friend, they open themselves up to good natured ridicule and reading about it online.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Lucky Vivian!

Lucky Vivian!


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