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Water, Water Everywhere

I’m a heavy drinker. When I’m home, I always have a HUGE mug filled with ice and water.

I hate the incessant dripping on the outside of the glass, so my modus operandi is to drink from an insulated tumbler.

At least in the summer, every glass I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot) has condensation on the outside which eventually drips on me when I take a drink. I always thought it was due to an inferior cup. Insulated should be just that – a barrier that prevents humid air from condensing on the outside.

My search for the perfect cup

My search for the perfect cup

After nearly giving up in my search for the perfect glass, I was overjoyed to find a Tervis tumbler on sale. I snapped it up, thinking my days of being dripped on were behind me. After all, Tervis is a top brand and if anyone can make quality insulation, it should be them.

Sadly, my Tervis tumbler drips as well.

I’ve finally given up my search for a new glass because the perfect one does not exist. Instead, I’m experimenting with ways to collect the condensation before it falls on me.

I’m using a cloth cozy on the bottom of the cup and a magnetic can holder through the handle.

My innovation on the right. Maybe I should patent it!

My innovation on the right. Maybe I should patent it!

If you have any better ideas – please send them my way.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,



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  1. There was a drip-proof “glass” featured on Shark Tanks not too long ago. The Sharks were like, “who cares” but anyone who lives in a warm climate and always carries around cool water/lemonade/tea instantly identified the product as a protential winner.

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