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It’s The Little Things

Sometimes the smallest things can make us happy. One of my little things is being able to go to an exercise class every morning. Dancing and interacting with nice people is certainly a draw, but in my class there’s more.

Several babies come to our class. They don’t teach or participate, but they are certainly entertaining. Apparently we’ve been entertaining them as well.

For example, 18-month old Molly has learned a great deal from her Gramma and the rest of the class. While visiting her other grandmother, Molly pulled a mat from an end table. She then laid on her back on the mat, bent her knees and moved them from side to side – exactly like we do in class.

A younger participant, Lilly, started attending class with her mother, the teacher, when she was still in the womb. At her 6-month check-up, her doctor pointed out that Lilly was doing crunches. Again, we’ve had a positive influence on a young mind.

For quite some time, Shelly, our instructor, has been wearing exercise pants with a bright, wild pattern every Friday. She’s also been encouraging the students to buy a pair of “happy pants” or party pants, Friday pants, weekend pants. She assures us that we will never regret buying this outlandish attire. Her prodding finally paid off when the majority of the class showed up in happy pants. Not surprisingly, it made us all happy. Like I said, it’s the little things.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


One big happy pants family

One big happy pants family


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