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Off To The Races

I’ve never known my nationality with certainty although my parents guessed we had Irish and Scottish blood running through our veins. Because this has always been a source of interest, I decided to research my ancestry.

To date I’ve discovered I’m a mix of Irish, English, Scotch and German, with the latter a total surprise. Since I’ve never felt German, I thought it necessary to embrace my German heritage. The first step – attending Oktoberfest (in September – not October) in Germantown, Wisconsin.

Stephen and I arrived at the fest with our dogs in tow. We have two Italian Greyhounds (miniatures that look like big greyhounds that were left in the dryer too long). They’re skinny with long, long legs. It’s important to know this because the Oktoberfest was filled with short little German Dachshunds. Apropos for a German festival.

Big Dachshund

Homage to the German Dachshund

Not only were there more than 100 Dachshunds in attendance, many of them were scheduled to run in the Dachshund races. Dachshunds have short little legs, so we wondered how fast they could actually run. Italian Greyhounds have been clocked as high as 35 mph. Surely, German Dachshunds couldn’t run that fast.

We tried to convince the judges that our dogs were Italian Dachshunds and they should be allowed to race, but they were disqualified because their long legs gave them an unfair advantage.

Dachshunds run surprisingly fast

Run, Forest, Run!

Attending Germantown’s Oktoberfest didn’t exactly make me feel German. After all, I was accompanied by Italian dogs, wasn’t wearing lederhosen and didn’t drink beer from a gigantic stein. However, I did have fun. That’s what life’s all about – richtig?

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,



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