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What Gets Cold?

This year we added a Ural to our family – a sidecar motorcycle. For me, it’s like an open air limo only not as fancy or as comfortable. Nevertheless it’s great fun.

Unlike a regular motorcycle, in a sidecar I can have any amenities I want.

Last weekend, the weather was much cooler than I can normally tolerate on a bike but I still wanted to go for a ride. No problem. After donning my helmet, padded motorcycle jacket and gloves, I wrapped a scarf around my neck and a blanket around my legs. The cool weather didn’t bother me a bit.

Yesterday morning, Stephen was anticipating being able to ride the motorcycle longer into the season since I could wrap up. This was our conversation.

Stephen – We should be able to ride longer with the Ural. You just need to figure out what gets cold.

Pam – I already know what gets cold – I found out last weekend.

Stephen – So, what gets cold?

Pam – Well, my neck gets cold. That’s the first thing. Then my arms and my legs.

Stephen – [Laughter] Isn’t that everything?

Pam – I see your point. Okay, let me list what doesn’t get cold. My head because of the helmet. My torso because of the jacket. My hands because of the gloves and my feet because they’re inside the sidecar. That didn’t help, did it?

Stephen – In other words, everything gets cold – you just need to cover up. Right?

Pam – Right.

If you see a sidecar motorcycle driving around this fall with a helmet and a lump of blankets next to the driver, wave because it’s me.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Me with my driver

Me with my driver


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