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Bones In The Window

Here I sit on Hallowed’s Eve looking beyond the glass.

My hips are sore, my eyesight’s poor, I’ve flattened out my ass.

But here I’ll stay to watch the way the children seeking treats

Are startled when they look at me, all bones, no skin, no meat.

My stance is still, I do not move for fear they’ll run away.

It’s fun to see them laugh and scream, jump and run and play.

Soon I’ll dress in Santa’s hat complete with big white beard,

With skinny cat and bony rat, I’ll ring in the New Year.

Looks like he's been there a while

Looks like he’s been there a while


Comments on: "Bones In The Window" (2)

  1. Some people take bariatric surgery a bit too far…..
    Enjoy all the little goblins

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