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The Turkey Wreath

This week in my exercise class, Shelly, our instructor, talked about ideas for using left-over turkey; an ideal topic with Thanksgiving only a few days away. She said she had recently tried something new that was wildly successful – a turkey wreath.

When I heard this I couldn’t imagine how a turkey wreath would be made or why anyone would want to do something so stupid. Deep in thought, I missed dance steps and tripped over my own feet.

  • Would the entire wreath be made of turkey or would it be tied onto a green wreath?
  • What parts would you use? Would they be whole, sliced or chopped?
  • How would you secure the turkey?
  • How would you keep it fresh?
  • Would you garnish it with potatoes and cranberries to give it some color?
  • Where would you hang it?
  • How could anything so bizarre be a success?

As I left my thoughts and returned to class, Shelly said the turkey wreath not only looked good but was delicious, too. That’s when I realized she created a food dish rather than a household decoration. Whew – disaster diverted.

I’m going to hang my holiday wreath in a few days but there won’t be any turkey on it.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


The perfect turkey wreath

The perfect turkey wreath




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