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Ten Unique Holiday Gifts

This year’s annual list of holiday gift ideas has some real winners, with big ticket items as high as $2300 down to stocking stuffers for only $6. There’s bound to be something here for those who seem to have everything.

1. Bear sleeping bag – By far the priciest item on the list, this realistic looking sleeping bag costs $2350. Don’t use it during hunting season or if you live with a gun toting dentist.


Bear Sleeping Bag



2. Pico Cat Handbag – These faux fur bags may look adorable, but you can only touch them when the bags want to be touched. A cat bag can be yours for $200.

Cat purse

Pico Cat Handbag (from

3. Punkette Mohawki Ring – Made with recycled fur, the Mohawki ring is definitely a statement piece. You can buy a single for $235 or a double for $310. Next they’ll make one that includes piercings and tattoos.


The Punkette Mohawki Ring (From

4. Mewgaroo Hoodie – The Mewgaroo can be used for small cats or dogs ($70). For those who prefer something warmer, a full length onesie is also available. Real men wear Mewgaroos.


Mewgaroo Hoodie (From

5. F-bomb paperweight – This is my kind of gift ($45). It speaks for itself.

F Bomb Paperweight (From

F Bomb Paperweight (From

6. Star Wars Feel the Force self-stir mug – It’s hard work stirring your drink by hand. Not sure how we made it before now. Only $23, Luke.

Star Wars self stirring mug (From

Star Wars self stirring mug (From

7. Zombie shower gel – Another one of my favorites, also available in blood, beer and oil. A great stocking stuffer at $14.

Zombie Shower Gel (From

Zombie Shower Gel (From

8. Muffin Top Baking cups – I first saw this at Target – cracked me up ($10).

Muffintops (From

Muffintops (From

9. British Accent Spray – For only $6, you could buy Irish and Canadian accents, too.

british accent spray

10. Nothing – This is my all time favorite. Who wouldn’t spend $7 to buy nothing?

Nothing (from

Nothing (from

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,



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