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It’s Probably Okay to Eat

I learned something today. Stephen was poking around in the fridge and ran across a jar of pickles. As he pulled them out to get a closer look, the following conversation ensued.

Stephen: These pickles look dry. Hmm, they expire December 2015.

Me: No wonder they look dry, they went bad a year ago.

Stephen: This is 2015.

Me: Oh.

Stephen: They look funny but they’re probably okay to eat.

Me: [Laughter] Stephen! Throw them out!

Stephen: Okay! I won’t eat them.

Me: Stephen – listen [cut off]

Stephen: I said I’d toss them.

Me: No – stop talking and listen!

Stephen: What?

Here’s what I learned.

Me: Anytime you say “it’s probably okay to eat”, it isn’t.

Feel free to take this pearl of wisdom and apply it to your own life. And as a bonus – when someone says “smell this” – don’t.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,



Me: “Here’s Stephen with the offensive pickle.” / Stephen: “Maybe they ARE okay to eat.” / Offensive Pickle: “Hey Sissy Boy – go ahead, take a bite. You big wuss!”



Comments on: "It’s Probably Okay to Eat" (2)

  1. I had toasted buns with peanutbutter that might have been stale but the jelly was good. lol
    Men do that. hehe

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